Mario Angelo Comelli

Mario Comelli was born in 1953, graduated in Physics in 1977 at Pavia University , specialized in Medical Statistics in 1984. He is associate professor at Pavia University since 2000 and qualified in 2014 to function as full professor of Medical Statistics.
I have worked in the fields of psychiatric epidemiology, clinical trial analysis, multiple testing bias correction methods, traffic accident reconstruction and analysis, Monte Carlo simulation to investigate the behaviour of statistical techniques, when used in conditions where their theoretical foundation breaks down (method robustness).
My present research work concerns the application of mixed general and survival models in clinical epidemiology. Attention is focused on the selection and validation of the appropriate models. I currently investigate the numerical as well as graphical ways to extract the maximum extent of epidemiological information from them. The subject specific interpretation of the models’ parameters and predictions, in the different fields where they are applied (Dentistry, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Physical Rehabilitation etc.) is given the utmost consideration. Models suitable for the analysis of small size clinical trials are given particular thought.
My most recent research interest is the investigation of the clinical evolution of patients affected by genetic risk factors.

  1. Graduated in Physics in 1977 at Pavia University
  2. Specialized in Medical Statistics in 1984
  3. Associate professor at Pavia University since 2000 and qualified in 2014 to function as full professor of Medical Statistics

Some papers
Comelli M, Morandi A, Magazzù D, Bottazzi M, Marinoni A. “Brightly coloured motorcycles and brightly coloured motorcycle helmets reduce the odds of a specific category of road accidents: a case-control study”. Biomedical Statistics And Clinical Epidemiology (2008) 2, (1) 71-78.

Momjian I, Momjian S, Albanese S, Comelli M, Lovblad K, Sztajzel R: “Visual analysis of semi-automated gray-scaled-based color mapping of the carotid plaque: which method correlates the best with the presence of cerebrovascular symptoms and/or lesions on MRI?”. Journal Of Neuroimaging (2009) 19, 2, 119-126.

Bonvin C, Momjian-Mayor I, Sekoranja L, Lövblad KO, Altrichter S, Yilmaz H, Pereira VM, Loulidi J, Comelli M, Burkhard PR, Sztajzel RF: “Stroke severity and residual flow determined by transcranial colour-coded ultrasound (TCCD) predict recanalization and clinical outcome during thrombolysis. Journal Of The Neurological Sciences (2010) 296, 1-2, 96-100.

Pedrini L A, De Cristofaro V, Comelli M, Casino F G, Prencipe M, Baroni A, Campolo G, Manzoni C, Colì L, Ruggiero P, Acquistapace I, Auriemma L: “Long-term effects of high-efficiency on-line haemodiafiltration on uraemic toxicity. A multicentre prospective randomized study.” Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (2011) 26, 8, 2617-2624.

Rossi RL, Rossetti G, Wenandy L, Curti S, Ripamonti A, Bonnal RJ, Birolo RS, Moro M, Crosti MC, Gruarin P, Maglie S, Marabita F, Mascheroni D, Parente V, Comelli M, Trabucchi E, De Francesco R, Geginat J, Abrignani S, Pagani M.: “Distinct microRNA signatures in human lymphocyte subsets and enforcement of the naive state in CD4+ T cells by the microRNA miR-125b.” Nature – immunology (2011) 12, 8, 796-803

Momjian-Mayor I, Kuzmanovic I, Momjian S, Bonvin C, Albanese S, Bichsel D, Comelli M, Pereira VM, Lovblad KO, Sztajzel RF.: “Accuracy of a novel risk index combining degree of stenosis of the carotid artery and plaque surface echogenicity” Stroke (2012) 43, 5, 1260-1265.

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